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VFC San Diego is excited to partner with you.  Our trainees go through an intensive ten-week training program focusing on Hands-On Practice, Automotive Theory, Virtual Reality and Essential Skills Learning. Our well-rounded curriculum makes for a professional and dedicated hire. Download our informational brochure and contact us today.

Hiring Our Graduates Helps Your Business

Vehicles For Change San Diego is proud to offer professional education and training to individuals seeking a second chance. Our programs are designed to help students achieve success both in their personal and professional lives. We provide the skills and training necessary to obtain an automotive technician career and make a difference in the community. Our experienced instructors, career placement partners, and employers are a critical part of the program's success.  Join us today and support these steps towards a brighter future.

Professional Technicians

Our graduates are automotive technicians. We have designed a program that provides both individual and classroom training, so graduates can gain experience and confidence. Upon graduation, we encourage employers to support our program by hiring our highly skilled graduates.

ASE Certified Technicians

Our trainees learn both in the classroom and in a real shop environment. At the end of our training they will graduate with two entry-level ASE certifications  (A1-Engine Repair & A5-Brakes).

Trainee Pipelilne

The goal of Vehicles For Change - San Diego is to graduate at least 20 technicians by the end of 2023. In 2024 we will launch a California Certified Apprenticeship Program with the goal of training up to 20 trainees every 6 months. Over the next few years we will scale up our impact with the goal of graduating a minimum of 100 technicians per year.

Reducing Recidivism

The unemployment rate for a justice-involved individual is 5x higher than the national average.  Post-release employment services are critical in helping people integrate back into society.

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